Muscle Fatigue

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Muscle Fatigue

Muscle Fatigue

Muscle Fatigue


Muscle fatigue can result from overtraining, exercising your muscles beyond their current endurance level or improper nutrition.  Steps to overcome muscle fatigue

Step 1

Stretch your muscles immediately after any exercise. Focus on the muscles that you used during the exercise.  Hold each stretch for 15 to 25 seconds while taking deep breaths to allow plenty of oxygen to enter your bloodstream and to soothe your tired muscles.

Step 2- Apply  ice and heat to the fatigued muscles. . Ice and heat therapy help reduce muscle pain and any swelling.

Step 3

Eat a recovery meal after exercise to refuel your muscles. Include complex proteins as they can help reduce muscle breakdown.

Step 4

Replenish your body with fluids during and after exercise. Drink water or sports drinks that contain electrolytes. Fluids help your muscles contract and relax

Step 5

Rest your muscles for 24 hours before exercising again. Muscle fatigue can often be an indication that you pushed yourself harder than you should have. Rest will help your muscles recover from activity and store new energy for your next workout.
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