Importance of Body Balance

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Importance of Body Balance

Importance of Body Balance

Importance of Body Balance

When you achieve body balance - it is amazing how excess weight just comes off. Muscles burn fat for fuel, but muscle tissue at rest burns glucose. Inactivity results with less glucose needed for "fuel" so the body's glucose reserves fill up quicker. Once your body's glucose reserves are full, it will convert glucose to fat. And when your fat cells are full, the body makes more fat cells. Unfortunately, once the body has created fat cells, they never go away - they are either empty or full.

This is why a person can gain weight with "fat free" foods or initially lose weight with an "all protein - no carb" diet, but gain it right back as soon as carbohydrates are eaten. Why? Because the body is not in balance!

The body has a natural "daily detoxification" 8-hour cycle that occurs from 4 am until noon. The next 8 hours is considered the "intake" period when you consume your normal healthy diet. The last 8-hour period from around 8 pm until 4 am is the "assimilation" period when your body is digesting and delivering nutrients (from the previous 8 hour period). This is why we suggest dinner before 8 pm. Anything consumed after this period will not be efficiently digested.

To achieve body balance for effective weight loss, exercise well and eat right, following the above cycle
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