Honey and Weight Loss

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Honey and Weight Loss

Honey and Weight Loss

Honey and Weight Loss

For those trying to lose weight, sweet foods that are high in sugar are detrimental towards your goal. Fortunately weight-watchers who do not want to give up sweet foods can substitute Honey for sugar

Low in Calories

Compared to other sources of sugar, such as foods containing high fructose or sucrose, honey contains fewer calories. Simple changes like replacing a can of soft drink with one cup of honey-sweetened tea can reduce your caloric intake from 140 to 70 calories.

Low Glycemic Index

In addition to being lower in calories, honey also tends to be lower-glycemic than other types of sugars, which can contribute to weight loss. Because honey has a much lower glycemic-load than most types of sugars, it enters the bloodstream at a much more steady rate and will not cause sharp rises and drops in blood sugar. This helps control your appetite

Increases Antibodies

Consuming honeycontributes to your body's supplies of antibodies. This is beneficial towards weight loss, as a healthy immune system is necessary for proper appetite regulation.

Decreases Inflammation

Honey's effect on systemic inflammation may also aid weight loss. Chronic inflammation can interfere with the hormone leptin and hinder proper appetite regulation, leading to the consumption of more calories.

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