Benefits of Meditation

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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits, both physical and mental, that are associated with meditation:

Healthy eating

  • Headaches:Meditation reduces or eliminates the pain associated with headaches and (sometimes) migraines.

  • Weight Loss:People that are trying to lose weight may find meditation helpful. Studies show that meditation helps regain the focus to lose weight.

  • Increased Lung Function:The deep and soothing breaths during meditation improves air flow to the lung , thereby increasing lung capacity. A recent wind musician's survey showed that meditation was able to increase lung capacity by 5% in only two weeks of regular practice.

  • Improvement of Memory:By relaxing the brain, meditation improves memory. Along with medication, ┬ámeditation can reduce or delay Alzheimer's disease.

  • Problem Solving:Meditation is often helpful in dealing with a minor problem or resolving an issue without turning to more drastic measures.This opportunity to truly think through situations may save even more stress .

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