Being thin vs. being healthy

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Being thin vs. being healthy

Being thin vs. being healthy

Being thin vs. being healthy

Looking thin on the outside, does not mean you are not storing fat on the inside.

We have seen a lot of members who look thin but whose fat percentage is quite high. These women have the same health risk as a fat person.


Being thin is not a ticket to eat whatever you want and not exercise.

Thin people can get heart disease and diabetes just like the rest of us if they don’t treat their bodies right.

Being overweight does not necessarily mean you are not fit.

Being fit means having endurance and strength. It means  having the fitness to do enduring physical activity and enjoying  it. Being overweight could mean more muscle mass and not always excess fat in the body

Being too skinny can be just as dangerous as being too heavy.

Being too thin is associated with risks like low muscle mass, low  immunity, anemia, osteoporosis, hair loss, and irregular periods. .

Women spend half their lives trying to get into a certain shape. Instead ,work on being fit and healthy. The shape comes automatically.
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